Phnom Penh, Cambodia: A city on the up and up

Rickshaw driver. Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Phnom Penh, Cambodia
We really didn't know what to expect when we arrive Phnom Penh.  We've
heard a few bad wraps from travelers, so maybe we were preparing to be
underwhelmed, but it turns out that we really like Phnom Penh.  It
seems that this city is doing everything it can to restore it's old
moniker "Pearl of Asia."  After the Khmer Rouge wiped out nearly an
entire generation of intellectuals and artists in the late 70's, it's
touching to see such a proliferation of art and culture in Cambodia's
capital city.  Great art, food, culture, architecture are all present
in Phnom Penh and we found the people to be some of the friendliest
we've encountered.Independence Monument. Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Barber. Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Royal Palace. Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Poverty has been and still is a major issue in Cambodia.  We found
numerous organizations to help reduce this situation, more on this on
our next post.  Walking the streets of the city it's apparent there is
a long way to go to reduce poverty, but things seem to be moving in the
right direction.Phnom Penh, Cambodia
River front. Phnom Penh, Cambodia
There are quite a few city sights in Phnom Penh, including the Royal
Palace, Independence Monument, National Museum and various markets. 
There are also sights in remembrance of the people lost during the
horrific rule of the Khmer Rouge including the Killing Fields and
Genocide Museum. Phnom Penh, Cambodia - Royal Palace
Phnom Penh, Cambodia - Royal Palace
Phnom Penh, Cambodia - Royal Palace
The Royal Palace is an impressive gleaming work
of architecture in the center of town.  The complex also includes the
famous Silver Pagoda.  The rest of the time we just walked around and
took photos of life around Phnom Penh.  We really enjoyed all the open
space, there are an ample amount of parks for people to congregate. 
The city also has its fair share of scooters and rickshaws, always a
great photo subject… at least we think so.Rickshaw drivers. Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Rickshaw driver. Phnom Penh, Cambodia
family of 5! Phnom Penh

Penh is really emerging once again as a highlight of SE Asia.  It seems
to be in constant change, continuing to improve itself, definitely
worth a visit.   

Phnom Penh, Cambodiamonks catching a lift. Phnom Penh, CambodiaPhnom Penh, CambodiaPhnom Penh, Cambodia

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One Response to Phnom Penh, Cambodia: A city on the up and up

  1. Andrea says:

    I loved reading your post! Great photos, too. I spent just two days in PP, also expecting it wasn’t going to be so memorable, plus I had my focus on Angkor Wat. But I liked PP so much! The riverbank and those wide boulevards, colours and smiles everywhere. I will return.
    PS If you haven’t seen the film already, watch ‘City of Ghosts’ for that Phnom Penh vibe.