Buddhist Temples of Kathmandu

Prayer flags. Kathmandu, Nepal Candles. Kathmandu, Nepal
We had to narrow down our photos of Kathmandu quite a bit.  I can't count how many shots we took of just the prayer flags.  As aspiring photographers, we just love all the bright colors contrasting against the sky or buildings.  Kathmandu's Buddhist temples are absolutely flooded with the brightly colored flags.Prayer Flags. Swayambunath. Kathmandu, Nepal
A small temple. Kathmandu, Nepal
Some of the mightiest trees are nearly submerged in flags.  The two main Buddhist Temples are Swayambunath (also known as the Monkey Temple) and the Buddha Stuppa.  There are probably hundreds of others in town.  Just walking through the streets we stumbled across easily 20 more temples. Swayambunath. Kathmandu, Nepal
The Swayambunath temple is perched on a few hills overlooking Kathandu.  We walked there to get a bit of exercise, followed by the climb up a few hundred stairs up the hillside.  Swayambunath is a nice place to relax… not eat.  There are several benches there to appreciate the beautiful temple, statues, the view… and to watch the monkeys.  It's not nicknamed the Monkey Temple for nothing.  The monkey are crawling and swinging off of everything.  Monkeys of Swayambunath. Kathmandu, Nepal
It seems the entire population of monkeys here survives from stealing tourists ice cream cones.  For the life of us we could not figure out why people were buying ice cream cones while monkeys are swarming around and hanging off their pant legs.  After they would get "jumped" by a gang of monkeys they would be surprised, shocked and angry.  The ice cream vendor would just shrug and sell them another one… he must have a ice cream kick back program with the monkeys. Buddha statue in Kathmandu, Nepal
The Buddhist Stupa is the largest Buddhist temple in Nepal.  It's a massive dome set in a courtyard.  The way to appreciate this place is late afternoon/early evening, walk around the sight and then go to one of the many rooftop cafes and enjoy a few beers as the setting sun lights up the stupa. Buddhist Stupa. Kathmandu, Nepal
 Buddhist Stupa. Kathmandu, Nepal
 Left: Swayambunath. Right: Durbar Square. Kathmandu, Nepal

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  1. Nashfan says:

    You guys are way beyond “aspiring” photographers in my book and continue to amaze me. I have a couple of friends that are also now enjoying your travels. Happy holidays wherever you are.

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    I love these all Buddhist Temples of Kathmandu picture, its wonderful photography.Nepal is really great natural place,