The 3rd Kingdom of Kathmandu Valley Part 1 | Bhaktapur, Nepal

On this trip, Beau and I have made work our priority.  After each meeting, I usually need to work on revisions or producing additional designs for our next meeting with the supplier.  So I have been spending a lot of time in our hotel rooms and I usually kick Beau out so I can concentrate.  Sorry Beau!  When Beau and I realized we had a day off we decide to roll old school and go explore a new part of Kathmandu Valley equipped with our camera gear.

For our day trip, we took a taxi 30 minutes out of downtown Kathmandu to a little town called Bhaktapur.  Bhaktapur is one of the 3 kingdoms of Kathmandu Valley.  The other two kingdoms are Kathmandu and Lalitpur (Patan).  Bhaktapur has been designated as a World Heritage site by UNESCO and is filled with temples and little streets with tons of character.  You have to pay a fee to enter the town but it is worth the expense.  It was a pleasure to explore the streets and maze of alleys to take photos.  The people of Bhaktapur were very kind and didn’t mind us taking their pictures.  It is also a great break from the horns and traffic of Kathmandu.  It was wonderful getting out of the hotel to take photos again.Bhaktapur, NepalBhaktapur, NepalBhaktapur, NepalBhaktapur, NepalBhaktapur, NepalBhaktapur, NepalBhaktapur, Nepal

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