Sketch-o-Country: Antigua, Guatemala

Beau and I have been lucky in life and our travels. I am very grateful. I have also been blessed with crazy artsy parents who had equally crazy creative friends.  My life has always been a little different but that is what I like about it.  I get bored really easily and feel like a trapped wild animal if I am in a routine for too long.  That is when I turn to art or start day dreaming.

Recently, I haven’t been working on my art or sketching.  I guess I have been too busy focusing work and life.  So It was a goal of mine while Beau and I were traveling to do a quick sketch at least once in each country.  Sometimes I missed a country or two but I always left room in my sketchbook to go back.  Also I usually took a picture of what I was sketching to compare and/or help me complete my drawings…  Distractions happen often in life.  So I thought the best way to make me finish this project was for me to share my drawings.  I am not a great sketcher but I really enjoy it. Practice makes perfect, right?  Well at least it helps.

This sketch is from Antigua, Guatemala.

Sketch and Photo | Antigua, Guatemala


2 Responses to Sketch-o-Country: Antigua, Guatemala

  1. I love that street especially on Sundays when it

  2. Kv says:

    the postcard you sent me showing this very scene is tacked up right next to my computer monitor at work. helps me remember that there are bigger and better things in the world than work…