Sketch-o-Country | Nicaragua and Costa Rica

I love looking back at my travel sketches and wonder why I didn’t spend more time working on them.  Making time to sketch on the road was hard for me and especially when Beau and I were so addicted to our photography.  I truly admire people that journal or sketch every day through their lives.  Every year I make it a new years resolution.  Maybe one year it will stick…

Below are my sketches of Granada, Nicaragua and the rain forest of Monteverde, Costa Rica.

Nicaragua & Costa Rica Sketch

2 Responses to Sketch-o-Country | Nicaragua and Costa Rica

  1. mina says:

    I don’t know if I’ve ever commented before but your blog is my favorite travel site. You two are so creative and talented. Thank you for being so inspiring!

    • Meggan says:

      Mina, you are too kind. Thank you for your comment and support. Your blog looks very interesting. I will definitely be checking in often to be inspired as well.