“Hey kids, Big Ben… Parliament.”

fish lampost and Big Ben We've been traveling pretty hard and fast paced so far.  We are in need of a little travel pit stop to sort out a few logistical things.  What we mean by pit-stop is not seeing much and just getting things done: Visa applications, more travel research and planning, photo uploading, website tweaking, etc.  We figured London would a good place to do this for a few reasons.Tower Bridge, London First, it's just over the "pond" from Washington DC for easy mailing and receiving.  We need to send in our primary passports to get our Russia and China visas, while we continue on to our 2 months in Africa with our secondary passports.  (What?  Two passports?  If you missed it, see our explanation from this post.)  Oh, and another form of sending… fast internet!! We love fast internet!London food stand along the waterOur second reason for our London is that although it's expensive, it has a great assortment of anything we may need to replace, upgrade or simply forgot to get. Electronic stuff, rivets for our packs and other random stuff.Sunny day view from the London EyeOf course, you can't go to London and do nothing.  We did see some classic London sights.  Our little joke was to say the Chevy Chase's famous line from National Lampoon's European Vacation, "Hey kids, Big Ben… Parliament."  We did see other places too, like a few museums and the London Eye, but we didn't beat ourselves up for missing anything. London Eye up-close London Eye

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3 Responses to “Hey kids, Big Ben… Parliament.”

  1. Sammyt303@aol.com says:

    fast internet yea! How are you guys doing, you’ve been going soo strong we’re proud of you guys!

  2. Stephanie says:

    London is my favorite city in the world! I love your pictures, especially the shadow of the London Eye; really captures it’s looming omnipresence.

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