Rabat, Morocco – Lots of Guards

Gaurds Rabat, Morocco Parliament Building Rabat, Morocco Rabat is Morocco's capital.  It was once a very important port city, but due to silting problems it now serves mostly as a political capital rather than the financial capital of Morocco.  The parliament buildings were an interesting sight swarming with heavily decorated guards.  Our local guide also gave us a detailed explanation of the king, why he recently added another wife and how the government works.Looking inside parliament building. Rabat, Morocco School near Parliament buildingAnother major site, also heavily guarded is the Hassan Tower.  This was a mosque that was to be the largest built in the world.  The construction stopped after the king died in 1119.  The site is filled with columns of the incomplete mosque.Tower of Hassan More gaurds Rabat. Hassan Toweranother guard. Rabat, Morocco Although never completed, this is still a very important Muslim sight.  On the premises there is the Mausoleum of Mohammad V.  Where there is always a man studying the Koran.Mausoleum of Mohammad V  


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