Tinerhir, Quazazate, and Ait Ben Haddou, Morocco: Kasbahs and Hollywood

 Morocco - Sahara After a few days of hot sun and sand, the lush deep valley in the desert seemed like a mirage to Beau and me.  It is an unreal sight to see the bright green foliage of palms and crops in such a harsh landscape.  The town of Tinerhir is dependent on the stream that runs through the valley and the little rain they get for their crops and palm tree groves.  If you look closer to the Tinerhir picture you will see kasbah lining the valley floor.  The centuries old mud-brick houses blend into the hill sides and disappear.  Tinerhir, MoroccoTodra Gorge, Morocco: Berber girl A little bit away from Tinerhir, is one of the oldest kasbahs Ait Ben-Haddou.  Ait Ben-Haddou was built in the 16th century and was home to several families.  In the kasbah, there is still a family from one of the original descendants living there and taking care of structure.  It is a fight against the elements to keep this mud building from washing away after rain storms.  I am so glad it is still standing.  As a Hollywood film fan it is very cool to know the classic 1963 movie Lawrence of Arabia was filmed here as well as the Gladiator.Ait Ben-Haddou, Morocco You can find Hollywood's fingers touching all parts of this region.  Scenes of Lawrence of Arabia and many other big films have also been filmed in the sand dunes that we visited earlier.  There is also Atlas sound stage and studios in the town of Quazazate.  It was super excited to hear the direct yell "be quite, action!" as the tv production Ben Hur II started filming. Quazazate, Morocco: Atlas Studios

Quazazate, Morocco: Atlas Mummy set Quazazate, Morocco: Atlas back set Many of the films shoot in the township of Quazazate as well since they are willing and excited to participate.  To name a few others; Babel, Sahara, Black Hawk Down, Hills Have Eyes II, Mummy II, Rules of Engagement and many more!  So don't be surprised when you see a star in the middle of the Sahara.Quazazate, Morocco: Kasbah Quazazate, Morocco            

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