Marrakech, Morocco: Stuff and more stuff to buy

I am sure being the husband of a designer is not easy, but Beau has to give me credit for leaving Marrakech with the same size bag as when we entered.  This was an incredible accomplishment because the souk (market) in Marrakech is filled with design and fashion treasures.  Amidst the hustle and bustle of the standard souk foot traffic, donkey carts and motorcycles you can find a variety of handmade goods.  There is an abundance of spice and herbal stores as well.  The herbal stores have something to cure even the weirdest of things.  Even if you are not up for buying any it is a really fun experience to see and smell all the treatments.Marrakech, Morocco: Souks Marrakech, Morocco: SpicesMarrakech, Morocco: Balloon seller In the maze of the smaller dark alleys in the center of the souk, you will find the craftsmen in little rooms working hard to produce the goods for the shops.  The artisans tend to be grouped together by their chosen craft and all seem to be friends if not related in some way.  To find this area you will need to be ok with getting lost a lot and taking your time.  If this is not your style you can always hire a guide. Marrakech, Morocco: Lanterns Marrakech, Morocco: Metal worker Marrakech, Morocco: Tea Pots Marrakech, Morocco: Berber Rugs Marrekech, Morocco: Leather worker There does tend to be a redundancy of goods such as the traditional clothing, shoes, lanterns, and tea pots but if you travel away from the tourist area (square) you will begin to find more established artisan shops on the edge of the Medina.  There are several furniture stores selling antiques and new designs in this area. We also found many stores that had there own artisans willing to work on custom designs.  I definitely want to come back here.  Actually this is the first place we can say on the trip that we didn't have enough time and really could have stayed a month more.  We will definitely try to come back sooner than later!Marrakech, Morocco: furniture store in Medina    

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  1. Beautiful pictures! I enjoyed them so much, as well as your description of the trip. Been there 10 years ago, but nothing seems to have changed. The life and colours of Marrakesh, the labiryntic souk in Fez, the magic of the sand villages in the South, the Wadis, the dunes. I rarely go back in place I visited, because I always fear to be disappointed for not finding the same atmosphere and emotions. But looking at your pictures, Morocco is well worth a second visit.