Sunrise in the Sahara

Sahara trek before sunrise It seems that waking up in the darkness to go somewhere special to watch the sunrise is a common occurrence for us while traveling.  This sunrise excursion has been the best yet.  We're staying literally at the foot of the Sahara desert's Merzouga dunes.  This is a very famous spot, when you think of the Sahara, you probably think of an endless rolling landscape of sand.  This is that spot.A Berber guide just at sunrisesun peaking over the Sahara dunes 3:30 AM comes too quickly.  We load into an old land cruiser to bump along a dirt road for 45 minutes further into the sand dunes.  We get out of the vehicles and we start walking further into the mounds of sand.Berber guidesWind ripples in the Sahara sand There is no footwear needed.  The sand is softer than any beach I've walked on, it felt like sifted flour.  Our Berber guides led us to the top of a dune with a view as far as the Algerian border.  We watched the sky turn from midnight blue to gold.  The sand glowed orange.  This was unforgettable.knife-like edge on the sand dunesMopeds work well in the Sahara!Us!


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11 Responses to Sunrise in the Sahara

  1. Tree says:

    Could that guy ride his bike without getting stuck in the sand? Love the photos… I think they’re the best yet!!

  2. Julie says:

    Amazing photos! It looks so peaceful! Miss you guys!

  3. anahi says:

    I’m speechless ! I totally agree these images are the best yet !

  4. Baker K. says:

    dude on the bike is straight out of a Wes Anderson movie. awesome. Only a month away….almost.

  5. Jason says:

    Awe inspiring images. I love the landscape of the desert. I want to do that some day. Like others asked, could that guy really ride that bike in the sand?

  6. Thanks All! Yes, he really could ride the moto in the sand. Although he did have some tricks. First, he was on full throttle exclusively. Second, on steep sections he jumped off the bike and high-stepped along side, again full throttle while trying to keep his sandals on. Last and ironically, he had a “don’t eat yellow snow” sticker on the bike.
    Attn: Wes Anderson- feel free to use this as inspiration.
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  7. Pops says:

    you two are just amazing….great shots. miss you both….pops

  8. Catherine says:

    Woah. All I can say it you guys continue to outdo yourselves again and again! Magnificent photos!

  9. says:

    agreed my favorite shots thus far, Beau you have really learned the capture of spirit in these unbeievable..

  10. Casey says:

    love every photo. looks like an incredible experience.

  11. Marisa says:

    “Last and ironically, he had a “don’t eat yellow snow” sticker on the bike.”