Volubilis, Morocco: Are we in Tuscany?

Many times Beau and I looked at each other and asked "are we in Tuscany?" during our visit to the Roman ruins in Volubilis, Morocco.  I will admit that I didn't really know all the different landscapes that were going to encounter on our trip in Morocco but I definitely didn't expect to see fields of wild flowers and green pastors.  This year marked the most rain Morocco has had in 15 years.  So many areas that would have normally been brown are now alive with color.Volubilis - Roman Truimphal Arch Not far from Meknes, you will find the breathtaking Roman ruins of Volubilis.  It was hard to imagine a beautiful site like this not covered in tourist pushing their way to the front of each view.  The 360 view is unreal and something you must experience for yourself.  The Roman village was home to an estimated 20,000 people in the 3rd century B.C..    Volubilis - Roman Basilica Volubilis - Roman Village Volubilis - Basilica and ForumVolubilis - Woman at Basilica and Forum with Storks We were amazed on amount of areas that are still intact.  There are several mosaics that you can see up close and really picture what the room would have looked like. Volubilis - Roman Mosaic Even the storks thinks it's a really cool and a great place!Volubilis - Stork at Roman Ruins  

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