Today we went Volcano Boarding.  The volcano was about an hour drive from Leon, Nicaragua.  Leon is a nice city.  it seems to be a pretty sleepy town.  It's not really a to
The World Effect travelogue video 4 -Honduras from The World Effect on Vimeo. Here's our video from Copan, Honduras and our ranch trip on horseback.  As I said in my earlier post, this was one of th
The World Effect travelogue video 3 -Guatemala from The World Effect on Vimeo. We've been getting many requests for more videos.  It has been tough finding internet fast enough to upload the massive
After 13 hours on 3 buses and ferry, we arrived on the island of Roatan.  This is a diving hot spot.  Neither of us dive, but we have done a little snorkeling.  This place is a littl
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Meggan and I had the opportunity to go up into the mountains of Honduras to a ranch.  I think it was our best day so far, what an amazing experience.  It was about an hour and a half from
We're in Copan, Honduras right now, using very slow internet.  This is a great little cowboy town.  We went to the Copan Ruins today, they were fantastic.  Below are some photos
Meggan and I got up at the crack of dawn to climb Volcan Pacaya.  Three words: Hot Lava Craziness.  I will try to post the video soon.
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Being a designer, I am always looking for inspiration to use on future projects.  Beau always laughs at me when I walk into a hotel and flip over chairs to see who the manufacturer is and if I k