Fresh Ash

Today we went Volcano Boarding.  The volcano was about an hour drive from Leon, Nicaragua.  Leon is a nice city.  it seems to be a pretty sleepy town.  It's not really a tourist destination, but we really liked it.  Henry, our guide was the first person to ride the volcano about 5 years ago.  He now runs trips from Leon up to the volcano to surf the ash.  The hike and view from the volcano were beautiful.  The riding was super fun, although we looked like coal miners at the end of the day.  Here are a few photos to look at until we post the video.
Meggy carrying her board up the ridge
our guide near the crater
Peter near the crater
Path to the volcano summit
Steve taking a photo
Beau and Meg after the ride

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One Response to Fresh Ash

  1. Sammy says:

    I LOVE YOU guys, your volcano video is steller work, excellent choice of music if I must say so. I really enjoy the Meggan just waking up that is good stuff. Keep it comming!