Los Rancheros

Meggan and I had the opportunity to go up into the mountains of Honduras to a ranch.  I think it was our best day so far, what an amazing experience.  It was about an hour and a half from Copan, next to the Guatemalan border.   Carlos, the owner of the ranch gave us a tour of the 2500+ acre property on horses.  They harvest coffee, limes, mangoes, ginger, corn, bananas, plantains and much more on the ranch.  They also raise cattle for beef and dairy products.  All the cream and cheese is made on site.  They also have several talapia ponds as well.  After the ride on the property, we took a dip in the natural hot springs in the mountain stream.  To top off the day, we had a feast prepared for us.  All the food was fresh off the property.  All this for $25 each.  


Talapia ponds

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2 Responses to Los Rancheros

  1. Sammy T says:

    Hey there little cow poke, how’s them there trails? You look so at home on a horse, I have tears. Our cow poke Beau. You guys look like your having a blast, so happy for you guys.

  2. Tara says:

    My husband and I are planning a trip to Copan and would like to ride. The horses you guys were on look like they were in great shape. We have seen other videos and pix of other horses in the area that look too undernourished for us to ride. How did you find Carlos? Does his ranch have a name? Thanks for the blog.