Hot Lava the video

The World Effect travelogue video 3 -Guatemala from The World Effect on Vimeo.

We’ve been getting many requests for more videos.  It has been tough finding internet fast enough to upload the massive files.  Anyway, we will try to get as many videos on the site as possible.  Here is the video from our volcano hike.  It demonstrates some pretty bad camera work, mostly because I was more focused on not melting my feet off.  For whatever reason, this video is almost entirely of people’s feet, but I think it’s still pretty entertaining.  Notice the part where the group we were with panic while Meggan practices her Spanish, “Vamonos!”  A fun day, but a tad sketchy.  Enjoy.



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  1. Tree says:

    In the word’s of Arjen “Walking on live Volcanos and poking at lava isn’t good…” Glad you made it unscathed!