Being a designer, I am always looking for inspiration to use on future projects.  Beau always laughs at me when I walk into a hotel and flip over chairs to see who the manufacturer is and if I k
We're now in Antigua, Guatemala.  This is a small colonial town at the foot of Volcan de Agua.  It's a very picturesque place.  We spent the day hanging out in the Parque Cen
The World Effect travelogue video 2 -El Salvador from The World Effect on Vimeo. We will be leaving El Salvador today.  We had an amazing time here and would like to come back.  Meggan's friend Lau
We are now officially out of the country, this post is brought to you from El Salvador.  We intended to finish this video prior to leaving, but a mystery illness had its own plans.  I ended up doing
I have a serious gadget problem.  I love gadgets.  I've been having to decide what gadgets NOT to bring along vs what to bring along.  I think/hope that the electronic devices I
Travel visas have turned out to be a bit more complicated than we thought.  Our biggest challenge has been the timing of when to submit our applications for the countries we'll be needing vi
Attention all travelers:  This is a animation of the world air traffic.  Check out the morning rush out of Europe and the US.  Crazy. Civil Air Traffic Worldwide 24h improved 1080p HD-v
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Meggan and I would really prefer not to get sick for the entire year... reality is that won't happen.  We are planning to take all possible precautions beforehand and during our travels.�