More photos continuing our post from Bhaktapur, Nepal.
On this trip, Beau and I have made work our priority.  After each meeting, I usually need to work on revisions or producing additional designs for our next meeting with the supplier.  So I have been
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We're back in Kathmandu.  When we arrived at our guest house, I dropped my bags and grabbed my camera.  I love walking around the old part of town south of Thamel, there's usually a few interesting
The rain here in Kolkata has been pretty relentless.  I usually try to wake up around sunrise to get in a few hours of photography before working, but the rain just keeps coming.  I did manage to ge
During our first meeting in Kolkata, our fair trade supplier told us that the monsoon would arrive any day.  We know that the monsoon is the rainy season, but I didn't realize that it actually "arriv
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Vietnam without scooters would be a lonely place, how did they ever live without them?  It's nearly impossible to take a photo without having a scooter somewhere in the frame.  This post is to celeb
Throughout our travels, we have started to recognize the color turquoise and other variations of it as a kind of international color.  Maybe we just like to photograph this color, so we're looking fo
One of the days I was wondering around Hanoi taking photos, I made my way towards the large rusty steel bridge spanning the Red River.  There are other bridges in Hanoi, and it looks like they are bu