Hong Kong: a photo essay

Something fun: Hong Kong's Waterfront skyline wraped into a sphere... a little photoshop action
We love Hong Kong!  We spent seven days in this amazing city and didn't
even scratch the surface of all the great things Hong Kong has to
offer.  The greatness comes at a price, we would have loved to stay
longer, but it's not the most cost effective place to hang out for an
extended amount of time.  I'm not going to go into detail of all the
sights and activities of Hong Kong that you can just find in a guidebook
or website.  We'll just show you a ton of photos!  These photos are
from our normal traveling technique of wondering around, hopefully they
will inspire you to go (or go back) to experience life in Hong Kong.  Hong Kong from Victoria Peak
Stairs near the waterfront. Hong Kong
Star Ferry. Hong Kong

Coffee Diner Sign. Hong Kong Shop front. Hong Kong
Girls in costume for... not sure. Hong Kong
Traffic in Hong Kong
Fish Lanterns. Hong Kong
Steet Scene. Hong Kong
Peking Duck. Hong Kong
Market Butcher. Hong Kong
 Fish Market Hong Kong
Smoke Break at a fish market. Hong Kong
Thousand Year Eggs. Hong Kong
Street Scene. Hong Kong
Running Bride. Hong Kong
Hong Kong Parade watchers waving China flags. Hong Kong
Dragon performers in parade. Hong Kong 
Marching band member. Hong Kong
Marching Parade. Hong Kong
Statues in Hong Kong
Tour boat. Hong Kong
Hong Kong couple at sunset
Hot Air Balloon Statue. Hong Kong
Night Cab. Hong Kong

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  1. Wendy says:

    Awesome photos!