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Three days of isolation on a beach is fantastic, but there's a limit to our attention span. We decided to move on to another island, increasing the "things going on scale" a bit. We chose an island ne
Probably the world's best problem to have: there's just too many islands to choose from.  We found ourselves saying this while we were charting out our island tour.  We ended up choosing a small qui
From Ko Samui, Meggan and I took the ferry to the mainland and a bus directly across the thin strip of Thailand to Ao Nang on the opposite coast.  We used Ao Nang as our jumping off point for island
The one thing we've missed the most while traveling has been our friends and family. We are always thrilled at the chance of meeting up with someone along the way. Meggan's Mom decided to make the lon
The world's environmental and social awareness is growing and as a traveler you have more options than ever to travel responsible.  After seeing the effects of bad tourism, Beau and I make a
Chiang Mai is Thailand's second biggest city and is said to be the cultural capital.  Our first impression of Chiang Mai was the somewhat relaxed atmosphere compared to the chaos of Bangk
To start, I have to apologize that Beau and I have been slacking on the food post.  Sorry foodie friends.  The good news is we worked really hard in Bangkok documenting our good eats.
Meggan and I decided to take a little day trip outside of Bangkok to see the famous Damnoen Saduak floating market.  We saw that there were several tours that went out there, but we really wan
Does the rainbow with the pot of gold end in Bangkok?  That question should seriously be asked after you visit a few of the beautiful temples in Bangkok.  Beau and I were amazed by the ext