Etosha National Park, Namibia (Pt. 1)

Etosha, Namibia Zebra Love  Amazing Africa!… the statement became true in Etosha for us.  I am not a bright and shiny early riser and for that matter neither is Beau but we both were up and excited for our 6 am morning game drive.  We were well equipped with both of our cameras, lenses, video camera and tons of back-up batteries.  All the prep work paid off.  It was surreal to the see the beautiful animals of Africa in front of us.  Beau and I couldn't help but snap away as many photos as possible of the magnificent animals.Etosha, Namibia Giraffe B&W Etosha, Namibia Giraffe Etosha, Namibia Male Springbok Etosha, Namibia Lion Breakfast Etosha, Namibia Lion eating Etosha, Namibia Elephant at watering holeAfter our morning game drive we returned back to camp for breakfast.  The campsite we were staying was located around a very active watering hole.  The night before we saw giraffes and rhinos and we felt lucky.  It was unreal to walk up and see two massive elephants.  The elephants were just lounging around and enjoying their water break.  They were so close that it seemed fake.  It was so hard to wrap our heads around the fact that they were wild and we were in Africa.  Etosha is AMAZING!Etosha, Namibia Elephant up closeEtosha, Namibia Elephants by our camp  Etosha, Namibia Elephant Etosha, Namibia Elephant and Zebras  

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  1. Pat Halper says:

    wow, wow, wow. — Namibia continues to thrill me. I’m sharing some of your Namibia photos with a good friend whose going there in a few months on a Fullbright Scholarship to finish her doctorate. That Zebra shot was a Kodak moment!! you and beau continue to amaze and thrill me. I’m so enjoying OUR trip around the world.