Etosha National Park, Namibia (Pt. 2)

Etosha, Namibia Salt Pan Our second and third days in Etosha park were as equally exciting and unreal as the first day.  The watering holes all over the park were running on overtime. Since the water was drying up, the population density at each watering hole was increasing and tension rising.  Exciting for us but not good for them.  We pulled up to a watering hole and we could stay for hours watching the rotation of different species of animals coming and going from the area.  Each animal waiting and taking their turn to get water.  It was so interesting seeing the interaction between the species.  The little elephant practicing their skill chasing away a small springbok.  Then prancing back proud to the herd.Etosha, Namibia Elephant herd at watering hole Etosha, Namibia Mom and babies Elephants Etosha, Namibia Black RhinoThe line of zebras seemed to never stop.  Their stripes contrasting the surroundings was a beautiful sight.Etosha, Namibiba Zebra head shot Etosha, Namibia Zebra baby in herd Etosha, Namibia Giraffe eyelashesGiraffes pace nervously in circles until they felt it was safe to get water.  When the wind shifted just right or they caught a scent, they were OFF!  The conditions had to be just right before a giraffe would take a drink because it puts them in their most vulnerable position.  Etosha, Namibia Male Lion


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  1. Pops says:

    you two are taking some beautiful photos. miss you. pops