Mekong Delta, Vietnam (part 4): Life on the water

Mekong Delta, Vietnam Life on the Mekong Delta revolves around water.  We stayed in a beautiful cruise boat with room for us and our family.  From the decks of our beautiful boat we could see the hustle and bustle of life the Mekong river.  Our boat had just enough rooms for us and our parents.  It was definitely a luxuries treat to have a boat to ourselves.  We all had a fantastic bedrooms as well as a sundeck.  The crew was amazing.  They fed us delicious traditional Vietnamese food until we about rolled off the boat.Our boat on the Mekong Delta, Vietnam
Our boat on the Mekong Delta, VIetnam
Communities are split between the banks of the river.  Little long-tail boats and ferries are constantly zig-zagging across the river carrying people, food and products.  There are also massive barges that travel up and down carrying commodities the area produces and consumes.Barge on the Mekong Delta, Vietnam   Gas Station on the Mekong Delta, Vietnam
Boatman. Mekong Delta, VIetnam
Even markets are on the water.  We took a small boat through one of the largest water markets in asia that serves both the locals as well as large wholesalers.  One of our favorite things about the floating market was the vendor's "menu sticks."  Each boat would have a long bamboo pole that has different products attached at the top.  If a vendor has a bunch of bananas, an orange and some bok choy, potential buyers will be able to see from their boats across the market."Menu Stick" at the market. Mekong Delta, Vietnam
Floating Market. Mekong Delta, VIetnam 
Woman at the floating market. Mekong Delta, VIetnam
Floating Market. Mekong Delta, VIetnam
Floating Market. Mekong Delta, Vietnam

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