Hue, Vietnam: A Classic Beauty

Our next stop in Vietnam was a 3 hour drive north of Danang over a mountain pass to a city called Hue (pronounced "way").  Hue is best known for it's historical and cultural sights along the perfume river.  Hue, Vietnam - baby on boat   The most impressive sight is the Citadel, which is Hue's version of Beijing's Forbidden City.  In a way, we liked the Citadel more than the Forbidden City.  The grounds were massive, maybe not quite as manicured as Beijing's version, but it looks like they are slowly restoring the Citadel to it's former glory.  Another nice thing was that there were virtually no crowds allowing us to wonder around like we owned the place.  Hue, Vietnam - Citadel
Hue, Vietnam - Wedding pictures at the Citadel
Hue, Vietnam - Wedding pictures
Hue, Vietnam
Hue, Vietnam - moate
Hue, Vietnam - On the grounds of the Citadel
Other sights we visited were the the Thien Mu Pagoda and the Royal Tombs of Hue.   The Thien Mu Pagoda is beautiful 7 story structure overlooking the Perfume river. Hue, Vietnam - Thien Mu Hue, Vietnam - Pagoda Hue, Vietnam - Buddhist bell
The Royal Tombs are very nicely restored.  The lush grounds that surround a pond and a moat almost make the grounds look like an ivy league collage campus.  Hue is an interesting place for a quick stop for a day or two.  For a place just to hang out and relax, Hoi An is probably a better option though.  Hue, Vietnam - Royal Tombs Hue, Vietnam - Pond at Royal Tombs
Hue, Vietnam - White trees at pond


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