Mekong Delta, Vietnam (part 1)

Mekong Delta, VietnamAfter looking back through our photos, we have more appreciation for the Mekong Delta.  Similar to our Trans-Mongolian train ride, going down the Mekong River in a boat doesn't offer very many sights or attractions, but there's something special about going from point A to point B simply watching life go by.Mekong Delta, Vietnam As I mentioned in a earlier post, my parents and Meggan's Dad came to explore Vietnam with us.  Chillin' on a boat floating down the Mekong was a great way to catch up with them.  It also allowed us to take a TON of photos.  Going on a Mekong Delta cruise allowed us to get a glimpse the lifestyles of the people here and how they live.Mekong Delta, Vietnam 
Meggan and I are going into a internet "dark zone" for a little while, I just wanted to give you all a taster of the Mekong Delta.  We will have at least a couple more Mekong post full of photos when we can find the illusive semi-fast/it'll-do internet connection.
Mekong Delta, Vietnam
Mekong Delta, Vietnam

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