The World Effect

The World Effect is a culmination of our dreams, passions and hopefully our future.  Beau and I have dreamed of seeing many places in the world.  Originally, we tried to go somewhere new every year. Lately, all signs have pointed us in one direction.  We have decided to take a leap of faith and travel around the world.

Traveling in itself is a passion of ours, but traveling also seems to inspire many of our other passions.  We are excited by the opportunity to grow our understanding and knowledge of design, food, art and cultures.  We hope our entries in this travelogue will help the world effect you and your passions as well.

The goal through this adventure is to blend our passions and skills with new knowledge to form our future.  We hope this will be the beginning and a seed for a successful and fulfilling company.  Thank you for showing interest in our journey.  Please revisit often!



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