A quick trip to Japan

Meggan and I recently got back from a friend's wedding celebration in Japan.  Although this trip is not really connected to our around the world trip we couldn't resist sharing a few highlights and photos with you.

Japan is truly an amazing place.  The beauty and diversity of the cities to the countryside is only overshadowed by its people.  We have never felt so welcome and safe exploring.  From a design perspective we loved the contrast between the ancient and the modern.  This contrast is present in everything from the architecture, interiors, fashion, and food.  

Unfortunately, we only had time for Tokyo and a short bullet train trip to Kyoto.  We will be definitely going back to at some point to explore more of the country. 

A butterfly in Takao

Geta Sandals

A sign in Shibuya, we have no idea what it says...

A temple in Kyoto

Kyoto Train StationKinkakuji "Golden Pavilion" in Kyoto

Prada Building in the Aoyama neighbourhood, Tokyo 

Bapexclusive on Omotesando, TokyoGieshas in Kyoto
Juin Takahashi on Omotesando, Tokyo
 Bicycle in the Tsukiji Fish Market

Yakatori in Kichijoji Soba Noodles in Kyoto

Bento Box on the bullet train
Sign outside butcher / Shabu Shabu restaurant, Kyoto

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2 Responses to A quick trip to Japan

  1. Magnum_0756 says:

    everything in Japan seems quite simplistic and minimalistic.. nice

  2. i9 agree with magnum. then looking at the geishas.. they look like dolls