Barcelona, Spain: A look through Gaudi’s eyes

A quote from the film Field of Dreams came to my mind when we
visited Antoni Gaudi's architectural sites …."if you build it they
will come".  There are several easily accessible beautiful works of the
famous architect scattered around Barcelona.  Beau and I took the
opportunity to visit Sagrada Familia church, Casa Mila, Casa Batllo and
Park Guell.Antoni Gaudi - Sagrada Familia construction Even filled with tourist and large sums of school
kids on day trips, Sagrada Familia church is still enchanting.  The
intriguing structures seems to have sprung straight from Gaudi's dream
world.  I am just grateful that I could see this building in my life
time and experience Gaudi's vision first hand.  The conceptional forest
created in the interior from abstract "tree" columns and palm details
is breath taking.  Gaudi's desire to use nature to help the
congregation relax and meditate is nothing but amazing. The exterior
has a mind of its own.  The church is designed to have two focal sides
with different design styles.  The passion side is more angular and
direct as it depicts the death of Jesus with striking sculptures.  The
nativity side shows the birth of Jesus and rejoices in life and nature
with more graceful lines and figures.  What ever your beliefs I think
you will appreciate the talent Gaudi has to communicate and effect
emotions.Antoni Gaudi - Sagrada Familia interior

Antoni Gaudi - Sagrada Familia Passion Side Antoni Gaudi - Sagrada Familia passion side detail Antoni Gaudi - Sagrada Familia Nativity SideCasa Mila and Casa Batllo buildings are great places to see Gaudi's
attention to detail.  Gaudi worked hard to see that every element of
his design had the same language from the molding, tile flooring, door
handles to the furniture. I have to say that a client that would let an
architect or designer today try to custom design every single element
in the building is very rare if not nonexistent.  I will admit… I am
jealous.Antoni Gaudi - Casa Mila exterior Antoni Gaudi - Casa Mila roof Antoni Gaudi - Casa Mila interior Antoni Gaudi - Casa Batllo Antoni Gaudi - Casa Batllo roofLastly, it is a fun break to see Park Guell where Gaudi designed
several smaller buildings and structures.  Gaudi's house is also in
Park Guell but I am not sure if he even spent time there because he was
such a workaholic.  If you go on a sunny day, be prepared for some
heat.  Bring a hat and water.  You will thank me later.Antoni Gaudi - Park Guell

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