Lisbon, Portugal – a New Skyline

Lisbon is a beautiful old city with history dating back to the medieval times, but don't be surprised when you find a modern side as well.  In 1998, Lisbon hosted the World's Fair in the area called Oriente.  Beau and I were excited to meet up with Javier and Vanessa, our Panamanian friends, to explore the new area of Lisbon.  As soon as you exit the metro train and enter this central transportation hub, you are struck by beautiful concrete and steel forms that are used for the circulation corridors and supports.  Santiago Calatrava, the architect, did a wonderful job making the space flow and visually appealing for commuters.Lisbon, Portugal - metro corridor

Lisbon, Portugal - bus station Lisbon, Portugal - connection between station and mall Lisbon, Portugal - glass walkway Besides the transportation hub, Oriente has an oceanario (aquarium), concert hall, conference center, gondola, mall, several restaurants, gardens, and mix-used high buildings forming a new skyline. Lisbon, Portugal - open venue Lisbon, Portugal - OrienteWe took some time out to visit the oceanario and slow down our pace for an afternoon.  There is always something so wonderful and relaxing about aquariums that you just can't beat.  It was worth the day to see the other side of Lisbon.  A must if you have time.Lisbon, Portugal - aquarium

Lisbon, Portugal - Aquarium

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3 Responses to Lisbon, Portugal – a New Skyline

  1. Your shots of Lisbon are gorgeous. Portugal doesn’t get as much press as the other European countries, but there is definitely plenty to see.

  2. Thanks Brian! Yes, we agree. Portugal is a fantastic place, we’re not sure why it’s not as popular as other European destinations. Maybe that’s a good thing.

  3. Melissa says:

    makes my miss Portugal