Belem, Portugal – Pastries and a little culture too

Belem is a famous suburb about 40 minutes via cable car outside of Lisbon.  This little place is full of things to see.  Depending what you're in to, you can spend a few hours or an entire day there.  There are some major historical sites, great restaurants and a variety of museums from art to maritime to pirates.  A quick side note, we have a rule when traveling:  If there is a line out the door for a particular food item, we stand in it.  If you make it to Belem, be sure to try the famous pasteis de Belem (also called pasteis de nata) at thier birthplace, Antiga Confeitaria de Belem.  These are little pastries that are kind of like creme puffs but a little denser.  That was probably a really bad description, just try them, we loved them and apparently everyone else does too. (we ate them before we could take a photo, sorry.)Torre de Belem The Torre de Belem is a miltary tower built in 1515 to guard the entrance of the Tagus river to Lisbon.  What makes this tower unique is the ornate decoration that covers the walls, this typically was not on military towers in that time period.  It also has a drawbridge, for whatever reason, I (Beau speaking) think drawbridges are the coolest thing ever.Montument fo the Discoveries - Belem, PortugalView of the compass plaza beneath Torre de Belem

The Monument of the Discoveries, as the name implies celebrates all the Portuguese who took some part in discovery.  This monument standing 50m high was built in 1960 on the 500th anniversary of the death of Henry the Navigator.  By the way, Meggan is our navigator.  She has a gift for direction and is learning that I have a mild case of direction blindness.Jeronimos Monastery and the park across the street

Jeronimos Monastery may be one of the most impressive building we've seen in Lisbon.  It was built by King Dom Manuel I and took over 70 years to complete.  We only went into the church portion, but for a tour fee you can check out more.Tomb in the Jeronimos Monastery Chairs in Jeronimos Monastery Interior of Jeronimos Monastery  

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2 Responses to Belem, Portugal – Pastries and a little culture too

  1. Ana says:

    Good photos,tank you. Was the 1st time I could show this part of my country to my 11 years old daughter because I’m in UK for 13 years, well its time for have a good holiday.

  2. Thanks Ana, Portugal is a beautiful country!