Leon and Granada, Nicaragua

I missed a posting from Leon and Granada.  While I have time in San Juan del Sur, I thought I'd add it.   Both cities have a large cathedral in a central park area where everyone seemed to
congregate.  This seems consistent with
nearly every town we visit in Central America.  Leon is not much of a destination for travelers, but seemed to be a nice place to see for a day or two.  The Cathedral is one of the largest in Central America.  There is also a nice art gallery, with abundant Spanish colonial pieces and a few pieces from other periods.  Granada is a much bigger city.  It reminded us of Antigua, Guatemala.  Unfortunately it was much dirtier than Antigua.  There is a walking mall type street that is cleaned up with nice restaurants and bars, the rest of the surrounding areas is a maze of street side markets.  The markets were shoulder to shoulder with people.  We had a great time wondering through them.
Boy on a bike in Leon Man sitting in central Leon
Central Cathedral in Granada
Steetside Granada
Little girl in doorway Granada
Street Market
bicycle plate
plants for sale

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3 Responses to Leon and Granada, Nicaragua

  1. Nik Daum says:

    I’ve just paged through a few of your travel posts. Love the photos and how they’re a mix of what you’d expect to see and more slice of life moments. Hope you keep it up. I want to got to South and Central America soon.

  2. I spent two weeks in Granada last fall. Nicaragua was a pleasant surprise. I didn’t mind the infernal heat either. Your blog is exceptional!

  3. Chris says:

    Nice blog, except Leon is much bigger than Granada…at least in terms of population (almost twice as big). Also the cathedral in Leon is the largest in Central America and the 3rd Largest in Latin America.