Buenos Aires alive with Design

Design in Buenos Aires seems almost second nature to the Argentineans.  The beauty of old and new mixing together with ease and complementing each other is a joy to see.  Beau and I had the pleasure of staying at a wonderful boutique hotel, on the recommendation of friends J and C, called the Bo Bo hotel.  We really can’t say enough nice things about the staff and the great food but I really have to talk about the design. The hotel had a different theme in each room ranging from classical to very contemporary décor with traditional architecture.  We stayed in the Techno room with contemporary décor.  The restaurant is also nicely decorated in a mix of clean line millwork and furniture with traditional architectural grand elements.Bo Bo techno bedroomBobo bedroom/bath Bo Bo dining room Bobo dining/bar The Bo Bo hotel told us to stop by the PROA art gallery in the La Boca area since we enjoy design so much.  PROA is an amazing space with a delicious contrast of materials.  Part of the historical facid of the building was retained and a glass and steel angled corner was introduced (this can be seen from the inside in the pictures) which sets it apart from the run down eclectic brightly colored buildings of La Boca.  Both Beau and I wish we could take this space and make it into our house‚Ķ but we will keep dreaming!PROA stairsProa stairs/book storea PROA Proa dining A great neighborhood to see an old industry area being revitalized is Puerto Madero.  The old brick buildings of the canal have now been redesigned as mix-use buildings with residential, tons of restaurant and even a university.  This is a nice area from a design perspective but it needs a little less expensive restaurants and a little more shops and activities.  It is a good place to grab an ice cream and walk around.Puerto MaderoPuerto Madero Bridge Lastly, I would suggest every design lover to visit the San Telmo area.  There is a design center in (Recoleta) Buenos Aires but I thought this area had more items with real character.  Be prepared to want to buy things and ship them home.  There are furniture, accessory, and lighting stores everywhere you turn.  One of my favorites was Gabriel Del Campo store right off the Frente Plaza Dorrego.  Definitely check it out and remember I told you so.San TelmoSan Telmo, Campo Store

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4 Responses to Buenos Aires alive with Design

  1. Pops says:

    pops wants one of those chickins—-

  2. Sammy T says:

    WOW Meg you must of been in Heaven checking out that place. That place looks incredible, not sure what I was expecting to see when you guys sent pictures back from Argentina but its AMAZING looking over there. Thanks for the heads up on the great places. techno room huh? I would like that, “nobody listens to techno”-eminem

  3. Catherine says:

    Beautiful as usual! I agree with Pops, I wanna chicken!

  4. casey says:

    Great post. I’m so happy you love the Bobo and BA as much as we do. It’s such a romantic and inspiring city.