An overview of Buenos Aires

After traveling for almost a month now around South America and being told several times just wait until you are in Buenos Aires, we have to say our expectations were high for the city.  We can now say we were not disappointed.  Buenos Aires has many different neighborhoods each with a different personality.  The city is filled with beautiful statues, government buildings, and parks.Downtown Buenos Aires Dog Walker in Buenos Aires Japanese park San TelmoIMG_7077_1-1 For an overview of Buenos Aires, we would have to say that Palermo Soho neighborhood was our favorite to eat and stay because of the laid back atmosphere.  La Boca was one of our top places to take photos and feel the passion for the

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  1. BJ Dyer @bjdy3r on Twitter says:

    We’re on holiday in BA right now. Your photos are awesome, and capture well the feeling of the city. Amazing weather! So lucky the rains have delayed. We think BA rocks.

  2. BJ Dyer @bjdy3r on Twitter says:

    OH! I just discovered that you’re from Denver. We are, too. If you’re in LoDo sometime, drop into our shop, Bouquets, and say hi. Have fun on the rest of your trip. Awesome that you’re sharing it with folks back home. Be safe and well.

  3. Kelly Anne says:

    Oh, I was really hoping you’d do a post like this about BA! I’m traveling there next month to visit my brother who’s been studying there all semester. In fact, he lives very near the cemetary (I forwarded that post to him all thrilled and inspired and he was like yes. I know. I see it every day, thank you. All the same, we are going to explore it)!
    So, thanks again!

  4. That’s really funny! Out of the few people we run into from the USA during our travels, you would not believe how many are from Colorado. I guess we’re a traveling bunch.
    Thank you so much for viewing and commenting on our website, we really appreciate it. We will absolutely stop by your shop when we return. We live in the Highlands, so we’re close by. Keep in touch.
    Beau and Meggan

  5. Thanks Kelly Anne! You will have a great time in BA, get your sleep now!

  6. Sammy says:

    The world effect is FRICKEN AWESOME. I just forwarded your link to my friend Ele Castro who I met in Ecuador see if she responds to you be awesome for you guys to make a connection out there.
    Sending you good vibes my friends take care.

  7. Rebecca says:

    Buenos Aires is a magic place that you all should visit! Food is excellent; especially meat. And they love coffee!! Tango, their lifestyle, and their nightclubs make this city unique!! There are many opportunities to know explore this part of the world. Many travel tours conducted to Argentina are really cheap. Also, if you make reservations in advance you can find several hotel dealswhere you can surely get rooms at low cost. There’s always a possibility, you just have to find it!