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While getting ready for all our wedding guest to arrive in San Miguel de Allende, I some how found time to sketch this awesome bar.  Beau and I always talked about going in there to have a beer but f
Better late than never, here is the follow up to the first part of the travel inspired design on San Miguel de Allende (SMA). I love the influence of international styles when it is done in a clean mo
Beau and I are always looking to be inspired in life, design, art, and food.  One of my favorite moments working on a design job is right after you first meet your client and you have heard what they
Who doesn't love a donkey at a wedding?  Well Beau and I love Domingo, the donkey.  Even if he is biting Beau's hand in the picture.  Funny!  Yes, we did have a parade
We have always heard the wedding day flies by and try to take time to enjoy it.  I think if we didn't have these awesome photos we wouldn't believe it had happened.  It is a wonder
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Ok after several request, Beau and I thought we would share a few images of the wedding weekend.  Most of you know but if you are new to our travel site, Beau and I got married March 14th in San
San Miguel de Allende, Mexico is a town that touches all the senses but it is definitely a feast for creative people like Beau and I.  Every corner you turn is inspiring.  If you are an ar
Take your time, relax, eat.  There are dozens of places to eat within a stone's throw of nearly every street corner of San Miguel de Allende.  Out of all the things to do and see he
We're back from our wedding in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.  We had a beautiful little wedding in a hacienda near the center of town.  This is a general post of this amazing place. W
As part of the festivities of the weekend, we brought our guests to a great little hole in the wall place called La Botica.  La Botica is a little bar that specializes in small batch organic me
We have finally arrived at our wedding location, San Miguel de Allende.  This is an amazing little colonial town in the state of Guanajuato in Mexico filled with beautiful haciendas, street side