Our Destination Wedding – Part 3

Who doesn't love a donkey at a wedding?  Well Beau and I love Domingo, the donkey.  Even if he is biting Beau's hand in the picture.  Funny!  Yes, we did have a parade with a mariachi band. As you can see we tried to enjoy ourselves.  Beau and I decide we should celebrate like the locals and the Celebrations team (the wedding planners) did a knock out job. Thank you ladies! 

Wedding day photos by Anahi Navarro Photophaphy:SMA wedding day - 1b

SMA wedding day - 2b SMA wedding day - 3b SMA wedding day - 4b SMA wedding day - 5b SMA wedding day - 6b

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One Response to Our Destination Wedding – Part 3

  1. Nomada23 says:

    What fun! Greatest idea ever – flip flops for the girls!