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Beau and I have been lucky in life and our travels. I am very grateful. I have also been blessed with crazy artsy parents who had equally crazy creative friends.  My life has always been a little dif
What's food without beer? Or no food without beer?  I sampled every county in Central America's national beer(s).  I have a theory:  if you are drinking beer in a hot place
One question we get from people consistently is,  "What was the food like in Central America?"  We blame ourselves, we planned on doing food posts, but failed.  More food
The World Effect travelogue video 3 -Guatemala from The World Effect on Vimeo. We've been getting many requests for more videos.  It has been tough finding internet fast enough to upload the massive
Meggan and I got up at the crack of dawn to climb Volcan Pacaya.  Three words: Hot Lava Craziness.  I will try to post the video soon.
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Being a designer, I am always looking for inspiration to use on future projects.  Beau always laughs at me when I walk into a hotel and flip over chairs to see who the manufacturer is and if I k
We're now in Antigua, Guatemala.  This is a small colonial town at the foot of Volcan de Agua.  It's a very picturesque place.  We spent the day hanging out in the Parque Cen