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I love looking back at my travel sketches and wonder why I didn't spend more time working on them.  Making time to sketch on the road was hard for me and especially when Beau and I were so addicted t
What's food without beer? Or no food without beer?  I sampled every county in Central America's national beer(s).  I have a theory:  if you are drinking beer in a hot place
One question we get from people consistently is,  "What was the food like in Central America?"  We blame ourselves, we planned on doing food posts, but failed.  More food
The World Effect travelogue video 7 -Costa Rica from The World Effect on Vimeo. Here's the video from the Monte Verde cloud forest in Costa Rica.  If you missed it, find our earlier post from the cl
After the cloud forest of Monte Verde, we headed to La Fortuna.  The bumpy dirt road through the valley was a spectacular way to view the ranches perched on the greenest mountains I have ever see
Monte Verde is our first stop in Costa Rica.  This area was settled by Quakers once Costa Rica decided to eliminate its military.  This area is now almost exclusively a natural reserve.