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On our second and sadly, our last day in Rio, we wanted to check out Sugarloaf Mountain.  From this vantage point reached by gondola, you normally can see the entire city and miles of beaches.&#
We have quickly found that changing frequent flyer tickets is impossible.  As a result we were forced to do a little "power tourism" during our two days Rio de Janeiro before we fle
I am not sure if it was the long days of travel or the immediate sense of relaxation that came over me after arriving, but it took me a good day and a half to realize that Ilha Grande has no cars.
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It seems we can't get enough of these little colonial towns in Central and South America.  Paraty, Brazil is our first Portuguese colonial town.  We have to admit, this may have edg
The World Effect travelogue video 13: Iguassu Falls from The World Effect on Vimeo. Iguassu translated means "big water". This is probably the most water we've seen falling in one place. It is truly
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Between the borders of Brazil and Argentina lies a magnificent natural site of hundreds perhaps thousands of waterfalls, called the Iguassu Falls (also spelled Iguazu Falls).  The roar of the wa