Iguassu Falls – feel the roar

Between the borders of Brazil and Argentina lies a magnificent natural site of hundreds perhaps thousands of waterfalls, called the Iguassu Falls (also spelled Iguazu Falls).  The roar of the water and the sheer volume is a mesmerizing experience.  It has been said the water speaks to you.  On the Brazilian side, you can see the falls from a more panoramic perspective.Iguassu Falls - Brazil

Iguassu Falls walkways - Brazil

 From the Argentinian side the experience is more enveloping and interactive.  We were able to really witness how powerful water can be.  Beau and I jumped at the chance to ride a boat racing up the river and delving into the smaller falls at points.  It was a fun adventure and I am not going to lie… I was definitely scared more than once. (Check back for a video!)Iguassu Falls in motion - ArgentinaIguassu Falls up close - Argentina Devil's Throat, Iguassu Falls - Argentina On a Boat, Iguassu Falls - Argentina We are also excited to say that we able to see three countries at one time.  Driving back from the falls you pass over a bridge that connects Brazil and Argentina, but you can look further up the river and also see Paraguay.  This is a first for both of us!Argentina (left), Brazil (right), and Paraguay (back)             

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  1. this is one of the most incredible places on earth!!!!!!!!!!!! I preferred the Argentinian side to the Brazilian side.

  2. Fantastic travel shots! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Dan says:

    Love the pictures