Paraty, Brazil – most fun to photo so far…

Paraty, Brazil boat colors Paraty, Brazil boats Paraty, Brazil yellow boat It seems we can't get enough of these little colonial towns in Central and South America.  Paraty, Brazil is our first Portuguese colonial town.  We have to admit, this may have edged-out Valparaiso for most fun to photograph, hence the "super post" of photos.  Paraty is located right on the water, which includes both a beach and a beautiful little port.  All the boats are painted in hundreds of lively colors.Paraty, Brazil reflecting doors Paraty, Brazil bike Paraty, Brazil puddle Paraty, Brazil street scene Paraty, Brazil church Paraty, Brazil church and storm clouds Paraty, Brazil boy and horsecart Like the other colonial towns, there are beautiful cobblestone streets and a main square.  What makes Paraty a bit different are the pops of color that come from the windows and doors, the rest of the buildings are predominantly white.  The cobblestones also seemed to be more rustic and less refined. The night before we took these photos, it rained pretty hard, flooding a few of the streets.  We loved how the puddles reflected all the vibrant colors of the town.Paraty, Brazil swan

Paraty, Brazil swan in-flight Paraty is known for it's island-time relaxed atmosphere.  It was also
colonized by many artists.  In the old town area there are several
galleries and private art studios. If you're ever in Brazil, Paraty is a must see!Paraty, Brazil man in rubber boots Paraty, Brazil tree and port   


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7 Responses to Paraty, Brazil – most fun to photo so far…

  1. Cathleen says:

    You just made Brazil a def on my upcoming RTW trip….Thanks for the beautiful pictues…

  2. Catherine says:

    Woah! Looks incredible!
    Have you tried combining exposures yet? It would make the one with the boats and the sky totally pop! https:///

  3. Kymri Wilt says:

    Great photos, and enjoying your RTW travelogue!

  4. Adam says:

    Nice work – especially the closeup of the puddle in the street. I’m enjoying the virtual travels.

  5. Amazing images 🙂 We visited Paraty a few years ago, and like you, must have taken hundreds of shots. All the color! Love these.

  6. Paraty is really a beautiful town surrounded by a breathtaking landscape and the sea!!!! Check out those links: https:/// https:///

  7. Fernando Lucas says:

    We visited Paraty some years ago, but in the following year we return to buy a little and charming house, looking to spend there our sixties years.
    After 4 years from our first visit, we realize how we adore that city so well represented by above photos.
    Thank you to enable us watch them.