Terracota Warriors, Rusty Bikes and Sweet Potato Doughnuts. Xi’an, China

warrior and horse
Both my grandfathers were farmers, I wonder would it would be like if one of them stumbled upon one of the world's greatest archaeological discoveries.  I bet they would have gotten a little more than dinner, which is what our guide said was the payment for the discovery.   In 1974 outside of Xi'an, China, a farmer discovered the famous Terracota Warriors.  In fact, outside the the museum, seated at a little table in a plastic chair was the farmer signing things tourist bought in the gift shop.  I guess this is what happens to farmers who's land turns into a tourist attraction. warriors
There are thousands of warriors, chariots and horses statues, dating back to 200BC.  The property is now a series of aircraft hanger-like buildings protecting the mass of statues.  There are still many more intentionally yet to be excavated to keep the light off the artifacts, which has erased the color off the statues that have been uncovered.  warriors
Seeing a sea of the statues standing in perfect formation shoulder to
shoulder is really an amazing sight, one of those things that is nice
to see in person to appreciate the massive scale.warriorsXi'an is more than just the warriors.  We had a nice time eating, I guess we always have fun eating.  There is a Muslim area of Xi'an with an outstanding market full of great street food, our favorites being a sweet potato doughnut (at least that's what I call it) and chili fried peanuts.  We also had more fantastic dumplings and other regional dishes that did not disappoint. 
To burn off the food we rented bikes with our friends Amy and Mica. 
Xi'an has a wall that surrounds the old part of the city which is a
great place for a stroll and an even better place for a tandem bike
race.  We raced one circuit around the city with our rusted,
ill-maintained tandem bikes.  This was a riot, I don't think we ever
stopped laughing.  We burned plenty of calories to justify a few more
trays of dumplings before we hopped on a plane to Tibet.Xian at night

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    I’ve just started following your travelogue and using your experience to plan my own trip. I just wanted to say thank you for this site. I love it. Your pictures are amazing!

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