Walking with Lions! Livingstone, Zambia

Are you nuts?  Walking with untamed lions?  Yes, and it was one of the best things I have ever done!  Beau and I jumped at the chance to visit the African Lion and Environment Research Trust (ALERT) conservation center and walk with lion cubs.  Well they said they were lion cubs but as you can see from the photos they were a little bigger than that.  We walked with 3 beautiful female cubs, Kela, Kwandi, and Loma, with ages between 11-12 months old.Livingstone, Zambia - 3 lions Livingstone, Zambia - lion by tree Livingstone, Zambia - early morning with lionLivingstone, Zambia - Lion's morning yawn

(Big morning yawn.  Not as scary as it looks.  Promise!)

The guide and researchers with ALERT gave us guidelines for the walk and reminded us that these are not tame lions.  They requested that we don't squat unless for the pictures, if you are approached by the lion put your stick out for them to play with it, stay in the group and don't turn your back on them.  The researchers informed us that when they are playing we can't take their wrestling.  They would hurt us even if they were playing.  So when you bend down for the picture remember to let them play with the stick… and not us. "No problem" I assured them and thinking I like my hands.Livingstone, Zambia - ALERT walking with lions Beau and MegEverything went wonderfully and it was so crazy to see them yawning, cuddling, and playing with each other.  I really was such a beautiful sight and something I will never forget.Livingstone, Zambia - lion relaxing in the morning sun Livingstone, Botswana - snuggling lions Livingstone, Zambia - lion Livingstone, Zambia - lions playingThe African Lion and Environment Research Trust has been working to keep the lion population stable and growing in Africa.  They use a 4 stage process to reintroduce the lions back into the wild.  If you would like to know about this process please visit their website at www.lionalert.org .  Livingstone, Zambia - lion researcher with lions  


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