Thankful for Pandas: Chengdu, China

For Thanksgiving (a US holiday), we thought we would give you something warm, cuddly and cute…. Pandas!  Who doesn’t love pandas?  They are so cute that they don’t even look real.  It was hard for me to realize that they were wild creatures.   I kept trying to convince Beau that if I could just get close enough to them that they would really like me and accept me as friend.  Then Beau would have to bring me back to reality, for probably the 5th time that day.  Sorry Beau! panda 1panda 2panda 3
panda 4 We visited the Chengdu Research Base for the Giant Panda Breeding in Chengdu, China.  The research center states that it focuses on the advancement of wildlife conservation in China for Giant Pandas, Red Pandas, Southern Chinese Tigers, Golden Monkeys and others.  During our visit we also got to see two baby giant pandas that were just a few months old.  We were not allowed to take photos of the little babies but trust me they were cute too.  panda 5 panda 6
panda 7
panda 8
panda 9
Pandas are beautiful and amazing creatures.  We really hope the research center is successful in trying to help preserve this incredible species.

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