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Meggan and I would really prefer not to get sick for the entire year… reality is that won't happen.  We are planning to take all possible precautions beforehand and during our travels.  We also stepped up our travel insurance a few levels to a premium policy, money well spent.  I speak from experience, good travel insurance comes in handy when a mosquito puts you in the hospital in Indonesia with Dengue Fever.  I think I will bathe in deet this time. 

We made an appointment at a clinic that specializes in world travel.  We came very prepared ready to list every country we hoped to visit.  It turns out that it's much more simple than that.  If you get all the immunizations and medications for Brazil and Kenya, you can go anywhere.  I lucked out, I had most everything except yellow fever, which is required to get into many countries.  Meggan has a couple of sore arms.  The following are the chemicals we'll be absorbing:
Shots: Polio Booster, Yellow Fever, Tetanus Booster, Typhoid (vaccine in a capsule), Hep A &B
Prescriptions:  Chloroquine (malaria cental america), Malarone (malaria everywhere else), Zithromax (Diarrhea for Thailand and India), Ciprofloxacin (Diarrhea everywhere else)
Over the counter stuff:  Imodium, Pepto, Bug Spray, Tums, Advil, Benadryl, first aid kit…probably other stuff I'm not thinking of right now.

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    Dude – a seperate medecine for Diarrhea in Thailand and India? That is some scarry shit! <-- pun intended