Rockin’ pink! Lake Nakura National Park, Kenya

When I was growing up my mother had a thing for Flamingos.  We had several flamingo paintings and two feather covered plastic flamingos in the entry way.  I think they started out as a joke but she was very attached to them even after they started molting.  Come on, it was the 80's.  Crazy things were cool back then.  So when Beau and I found out we were going to see thousands of flamingos at Lake Nakuru it put a huge smile on my face. Lake Nakuru, Kenya Flamingos
Lake Nakuru, Kenya Flamingo Fly Through
Lake Nakuru, Kenya - Hyena hunting flamingosThe flamingos were beautiful.  They were totally rockin' their pink with confidence.  I have to say they didn't smell great but what do you expect when there are thousands of them. Lake Nakuru, Kenya White Rhinos
Lake Nakuru, Kenya White Rhino
We saw several other great animals on our drive and we finally got to see the white rhino.  We couldn't believe how big they were and one did have a crazy looking long horn.  I probably shouldn't point that out.  I don't want to make them insecure or anything but it was HUGE!  Don't make that one mad.  Lake Nakuru, Kenya Cape Buffalo
Lake Nakuru, Kenya Black Face Vervet Monkey
Lake Nakuru, Kenya Giraffe


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