A Presidential Day in Quito

We spent a beautiful day in the sunny high altitude of Quito.  Quito is a sprawling city that creeps up nearly half of the mountainside.  We spent most of our time in Quito touring around the colonial sections which included narrow winding streets, numerous churches, government buildings and a central square.
Basilica Church in Quito, Ecuador Basilica Church interior

Nun in the central square. Quito, Ecuador

Central square with the Virgin of Quito statue in the distance We were lucky enough to stumble upon a presidential event near the center of town.  Hundreds of uniform clad school children, marching bands and decorated guards greeted the President and Vice President of Ecuador.  We heard that this is a regular occurrence, the people frequently get to see their president.  He's a young guy that charms the girls, they screamed, giggled and wooed over him every time he waved in their direction. Decorated guards. Quito, Ecuador
 The President of Ecuador

Marching ceremony

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3 Responses to A Presidential Day in Quito

  1. Tree says:

    Did you go up the hill to the Virgin of Quito statue? It’s a lot bigger than it looks in the photo!

  2. Sammy T says:

    Amazing amazing amazing. Watching and reading with friends as we sip coffee on butt ass freezing morning here in the 303. Sending you all our love and prayers, looking forward to the next adventure.
    Sammy, Cielo, Cassandra