Life is what happens…

"Life is what happens while you're busy making plans." -John Lennon 

After much planning and preparation, our around the world trip is finally here!  Well, at least on paper.  The problem is due to a winter storm, pretty much all flights out of Denver have been canceled, including ours.  I guess this is our first test of extended travel.  One of our goals of this trip is to really live in the moment.  So, we are making the very best of our extra day at home.  We get to spend a little more time with friends, family and of course our dog.  Oh, and play in the snow too!Playing ball in blizzard of '09

While looking out the window watching the snow fly, Meggan and I were trying to imagine what life will be like when we return in a year or so.  We are convinced that our trees will have grown to double their size, the world will no longer be dependent on oil, the economy will be cranking and cars will fly like in The Jetsons.  Hey, were optimists! We can't even imagine all the different experiences we will have.  What will we learn about places, people and most importantly ourselves?  We are excited to find out!

We are now planning to leave Saturday morning,unless as Mr. Lennon put it: life happens.  Thanks to all of you that are following us already.  Please keep it up, we love hearing from all of you!  Feel free to contact us with any comments and questions. 

On a side note:  We are getting many questions on what we'll be doing with our puppy.  We're very lucky that he has amazing grandparents that he loves slightly more than us!  So, we're calling it his year at the "doggy spa."     


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One Response to Life is what happens…

  1. Katie says:

    The “doggy spa” term probably isn’t too far from the truth!
    Sorry to hear your trip was delayed, but do have fun anyway! Jason and I and all of Jason’s coworkers are watching!
    Best of luck,