More than just crystal blue waters in Kas, Turkey

Kas was everything we had been dreaming of when we decided to board a plane south, rent a car, and follow the coast.  Finally, we found the Turkey that you see in all the pictures and advertisements.  Kas has a delightful charm about it and the tourist were at a minimum.  We were also blessed with several great little boutique shops, or at least that is what Casey and I thought, not sure if Jevan and Beau felt the same way.  Kas, Turkey Kas, Turkey - Bouganvilla
The small narrow stone streets were filled with stores selling jewelery, ceramics, rugs, and textiles.  The ones that kept drawing Casey and I in were the Turkish bath towel shops.  One of our favorites was A La Turka on Uzun Carsi Cad, No. 1.  They sell hand woven Turkish bath towels, bedding, and tablecloths in all different sizes and quality levels.  I think we might have been a little intoxicated by how organized the products were in the store.  All the colors, pattern, sizes and types lined up and stacked… that always gets me.  Kas, Turkey - A la Turka Kas, Turkey - Turkish Towels
Kas, Turkey - A la Turka Tablecloth
Kas, Turkey - Blue and Green Turkish Towels
Just catty-corner to A La Turka, is another great shop called Galeri Mozaik.  Galeri Mozaik has a great collection of embroidered pillow covers and spreads.  They have embroideries from Central Turkey in Silk and wool as well as from Uzbekistan (a personal favorite of mine).  Kas, Turkey - Rug and Embroidery  

Kas is a wonderful place to visit.  Please let us know if you go…I want more towels!    

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