More than a gateway: Arusha, Tanzania

To get to the Serengeti in Tanzania you must drive through a town called Arusha.  We were pleasantly surprised to find Arusha a nice town with paved sidewalks! You might laugh, but once you have been in Africa for a while you will learn that sidewalks are rare.  Normally, people walk in the streets while drivers scream by crazy fast.  So kudos to Arusha for sidewalks.  Arusha also gained points for having a really good market.  The market had the standard products that tourist love to buy and some cool treats like Masai sandles made from tires.Arusha, Tanzania bike taxi Arusha, Tanzania - tire sandals Arusha, Tanzania - tire sandal makerThe part of the market that Beau, Amar (a new travel friend), and I were excited about was the fruit.  The vendors would let you sample the fruit to suck you in and it worked on us.  We loved the red bananas and had to get a few custard apples too. Why not?  We always love finding new foods or getting to have some that are rare to get in our country.  Local food markets are always a good thing!Arusha, Tanzania - Food Market Arusha, Tanzania - Custard Apple Arusha, Tanzania - Red Bananas Arusha, Tanzania - Beans  

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