Monkeys and Temples, oh my! Ubud, Bali

A mecca for artist over the years, Ubud is filled with restaurants, art gallerias, antiques shops and little clothing boutiques.  At times it is a little overwhelming but to get away from the taxi calls and massage requests, Beau and I headed to the the temples.  A favorite of ours, the Tirta Empul temple is centered around a fresh water spring that bubbles up through sand to a moss and fern filled pool.  I could have stood for hours watching the turquoise water and sand whirl around.  It was mesmerizing and calming.      Our other refuge, mainly from the heat, was the Ubud Monkey Forest.  The trails through the lush flora and fauna were vibrating with little balls of energy, the monkeys.  Every moment with the monkeys was fun, exciting and unexpected… just don’t bring any bags unless you want to meet them up close. 

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2 Responses to Monkeys and Temples, oh my! Ubud, Bali

  1. Laura Keller says:

    Thanks for the wonderful images of Ubud! Brought back vivid memories of our honeymoon in Bali. If you’re looking for a good foodie splurge, check out Mosaic restaurant.

  2. Awesome pictures, I was in Ubud about a year ago and also hung out at some temples and in a few villages to get away from the buzz. When I did that, Bali was truly magnificent!