Isla Ometempe

We knew Central America had many volcanoes, but we are realizing that they are everywhere we go.  We took a boat to one of the world’s largest fresh water islands on one of the largest fresh water lakes, Lake Nicaragua.  I say “one of” because we have heard various stats, the 5th largest, 3rd largest, 10th largest… I’ll have to google it when I have time.  Ometepe literally means two mountains in local dialect.  No matter it’s rank it’s a spectacular site.  The island is made up of 2 volcanoes that rise out of the lake to form an hour glass shaped island.  We experienced some crazy weather conditions while we were there, so we didn’t take very many photos.  The lake was extremely high due to some resent storms.  The island normally has very nice beaches, but were submerged.  The water was also a bit treacherous with white-caped waves due to the extreme wind.  We mostly tried to explore inland where the wind wasn’t quite as strong.  We did find some amazing natural hot springs inland a couple kilometers.  The locals say the volcanic waters cure all aches and pains.  We feel great.
Submerged beach during full moon View of the island from the boat 

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